Sell yourself – be confident 
Use your CV to make a positive first impression. Tailor it to include any pieces of information that prove you are the right person for the job. 
Be concise 
Keep your CV punchy. Stick to the job of selling your abilities. You should start your CV with an opening statement about yourself, highlighting specific skills and experiences. Continue with your personal details (name, address, home & mobile numbers, email). Follow with your education and employment history in date order, starting with the most recent first. Include dates for everything. Bullet points will help to make your CV easy on the eye. Ideally, your CV should be no longer than two sides of A4 paper. 
Leaving gaps in your CV invites the recruiter to guess what you might have been up to during those periods. Instead of leaving them to make their own assumptions, give details of what you were doing (for example: travelling). 
Be Error free! 
One of the easiest ways for recruiters to weed out “weaker” CVs is to scan them for errors. By failing to check your CV for basic spelling and grammatical mistakes, you are setting yourself up for a fall at the first fence. Use your PC’s spellchecker or get a friend to cast their eye over it and give you their opinion. 
Be sure to research the company beforehand. It’s advisable to look up the “About Us” section on their website. Using the information you find, prepare yourself for the most popular interview questions: 
Tell us about yourself? 
What qualities will you bring to this role? 
What are your strengths? 
What are your weaknesses? 
What do you know about this role/company/business? 
Do you have any questions? 
Don’t fall at the first hurdle by turning up late. This is the big interview no-no. “Getting lost” is not an excuse. Remember you want to appear professional. Don’t crack jokes or tell funny anecdotes (you could cause offence). 
Your appearance, facial expressions and tone of voice are just as important as the words you use. Dress appropriately for the job and the company. The rules are: smart, plain, simple. Go easy on make-up and perfume/aftershave. Remember to make eye contact, smile and be yourself. 
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