Wild continues to boom after 10 years in MK

Category: Company

Wild Recruitment in Milton Keynes is celebrating its tenth anniversary and says there are still far more vacancies than workers in the buoyant local economy.

Wild Recruitment has hailed the city as a superb incubator of SMEs, many of which it has seen grow into large businesses. The business environment means a steady number of new companies are starting up, most of which will require workers as they grow.

Wild Recruitment is able to prosper due to its ability to find staff for clients across numerous sectors.

Manager, Debbie de Cordova, said: “Wild Recruitment opened its offices in Milton Keynes a decade ago and I was there from day one. At first there were two of us and that has grown to a team of ten.

“This demonstrates the success of the business but also of the growth of Milton Keynes and the need for temporary workers. We specialise in supplying staff in the commercial and industrial sectors, which include production and warehouse staff through to admin assistants and managers.

“The geography of Milton Keynes attracts businesses because it is in striking distance of London and the Midlands. We do a lot of work for logistics companies which like the location. 

“Finding candidates – often at speed – is a task we have made easier for ourselves by offering benefits through the Hive 360 system. This provides access to a GP, gym membership discounts and a host of health, fitness and diet resources amongst many other perks. We also have a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme’.

“With power in the hands of candidates we aim to not only offer them good pay, but other benefits as well - and they really appreciate it. On top of that we also have GLAA licence which is designed to prevent the exploitation of workers, and all our staff are EDI (equality, diversity, inclusion) trained. 
“There have always been more jobs than workers during the 20 years I have been recruiting here and more candidates will enter the market full time at the end of this summer term. And there are many jobs available. I anticipate continued growth during the next decade; the city is increasing in size and the population is expanding.”